The Second Intergovernmental Meeting of the Ukrainian-Chinese Sub-Commission on Healthcare Cooperation was held in Guangzhou

On November 19, 2013 in Guangzhou (China), with the participation of the All-Ukrainian Association of Eastern Medicine, the Second Meeting of the Sub-Commission on Cooperation in the Field of Healthcare of the Ukrainian-Chinese Intergovernmental Commission on Cooperation between the Government of the PRC and the Government of Ukraine was held.

The Chinese part of the Sub-Commission was co-chaired by Wang Guoqiang, Deputy Chairman of the State Committee on Healthcare and Fertility Planning of the PRC, Head of the State Administration for Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy. On the part of the Ukrainian government, the co-chairman of the Sub-Commission was the First Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine Alexander Yurievich Kachur.

Representatives of both countries agreed on the need to continue to develop practical cooperation between both countries in the field of healthcare, especially in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, at a new level.

During the Second Meeting of the Sub-Commission, multiple agreements were reached:

Strengthening cooperation between medical education institutions and research institutes of the two countries will be carried out through scientific exchanges, information notification, exchange of delegations and organization of joint work. Cooperation is planned in the research area and in the field of practical medicine.

The State Administration for Traditional Chinese Medicine of the PRC and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine have reached an agreement on a Memorandum of Cooperation between the PRC and Ukraine in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, which will be signed in the future. In this regard, for its implementation, it is planned to create a Coordination Council in the field of TCM, which will oversee this process on the part of the state, and specific organizations will be appointed executing this memorandum on both sides.

The purpose of signing the memorandum is to further strengthen contacts and cooperation in traditional Chinese medicine, which includes training, research, cooperation between enterprises, the approval of industry standards, as well as strengthening cultural exchange. The parties jointly supported the creation of a pilot project for a BMT treatment center in Kiev.

Upon completion of the second meeting of the Sub-Commission, the parties expressed confidence that this meeting in Guangzhou will directly serve as an incentive to intensify contacts and business cooperation between the PRC and Ukraine in the field of healthcare. The third meeting of the Sub-Commission is planned to be held in Ukraine.

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