The Third Intergovernmental Meeting of the Ukrainian-Chinese Sub-Commission on Healthcare Cooperation was held in Kiev

On September 8-9, 2016 in Kiev, with the participation of the All-Ukrainian Association of Eastern Medicine, the Third meeting of the Sub-Commission on Cooperation in Healthcare of the Ukrainian-Chinese Intergovernmental Commission for Cooperation between the Government of the PRC and the Government of Ukraine was held.

The Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine Roman Ilyk was the co-chair of the Ukrainian part of the Sub-Commission. On the part of the Chinese Government, the Sub-Commission was co-chaired by the Deputy Minister of the National Commission on Health and Family Planning of the People's Republic of China, Wang Pei'an.

The third meeting of the Sub-Commission expanded the results of the first two meetings in the already established areas and added two more new areas regarding cooperation in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Implementing organizations of the Memorandum of Cooperation between Ukraine and China in the field of traditional Chinese medicine were appointed: the All-Ukrainian Association of Eastern Medicine ˗ from the Ukrainian side and the Department of Health of Gansu Province ˗ from the Chinese.

A fundamental decision was made to allow implementing organizations to implement the program for the full implementation of TCM in the Ukrainian healthcare system, as part of a public-private partnership with an independent right to attract investors. The task of immediate prospects is to sign a separate cooperation agreement on the basis of equality and mutual benefit between the implementing organizations, on the basis of which to initiate a pilot project of the TCM treatment center in Kiev. At the moment, both sides are conducting regular consultations regarding the concept of a pilot project to establish a TCM treatment center and an action plan for the implementation of the Memorandum.

The parties discussed the possibility of conducting training seminars on the administration and creation of the regulatory framework of TCM. Thus, it was decided to hold the first meeting of the Coordinating Council in the field of TCM no later than February 2017 in Kiev.

In implementing the “Economic Belt of the Great Silk Road” initiative and to strengthen cooperation in the field of medicine, the parties agreed to combine administrative, scientific and financial potential through the implementation of joint medical projects and research, and create a mechanism for the exchange of information in the field of infectious and non-communicable diseases.

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