Chinese Medicine Training Program from WABM at Peking University of TCM

A unique opportunity to study abroad, with the possibility of taking language courses and receiving full funding.

What the scholarship program covers:

  • Chinese language course
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Training
  • Accommodation in a hostel (room for 2 students)
  • Medical insurance
  • Monthly financial payment

What the scholarship program does NOT cover:

  • Visa processing and legalization of documents
  • Air travel

Recruiting for the BA and MA program in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Criteria for candidates for a bachelor's program:

  • Completed complete secondary education
  • Joining WABM
  • Passing an interview

Criteria for candidates for the master's program:

  • Completed complete higher medical education
  • Joining WABM
  • Passing an interview

The information letter can be downloaded from the link:

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